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The fermenting crowd was making it difficult to focus on just one individual, colours of all sizes merging into one compact hoard. In all that rainbow mush, a white ball of fluffy-dog-madness caught my eye, but my attention soon switched to the little girl standing numbly next to it.

I rushed to the viewfinder to take one shot before the door hid her away completely. Quickly zoomed in and framed the photo,  just as her brother was turning away, his t-shirt granting me the dusty background to match her pixie eyes and  cover the souvenir clutter. The light was perfect and her colours were magic. I usually take a few extra shots because I feel I could do it differently; this time, one was all I needed, anything extra would have lessened its relevance. It all happened so fast it overwhelmed me.  I immediately left the scene, with an almost guilty feeling of having stolen something.

This here is the reason I take photos, that  moment in which the Photography Gods put everything in order to create one  frame for you to find. And the best part is chasing that fleeting frame.

all made of air

meet Anca

Anca e campion la tir cu arcul, joaca la Bulandra alaturi de Oedip, face costume de scena pentru ursuletii Ilincai  si, cand are timp, vine la mine sa o invat engleza.

Si e clasa a III-a.

8 a.m.


taste the forbidden

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Din octombrie la Teatrul de Comedie

suit vs. biker

Pink when I turn out the light/ Pink gets me high as a kite

Friday muffins

Briose de Vineri

Scufita Rosie de Lipscani

in vis e lumea mea Lipscani

Jazzanova – Let Me Show Ya

CONCERT Jazzanova -8 mai Amfiteatrul MIhai Eminescu.

Mai multe despre bilete si concert pe blogul Cristinei Bazavan, careia ii multumesc pentru bilet :)

Later edit:

Surprinzator de putina lume la concert. The part I liked best, Alexandrina in deschidere :D Couldn’t help it, m-am urcat pe scena sa-i fac poza…

hai, sari!

ShortsUP 114

shortsUP fans

Ioana Flora la ShortsUP 114

Ioana Flora

cinema screen

Mai multe poze AICI

Venice – The Food

welcome to the fish market


Benone a topait putin in jurul meu, m-a studiat atent apoi a intrebat:

“Tu ai copii acasa?”

La urmatoarea statie si-a luat desaga in spate si-a coborat cu bunicul. Iar Alexandra si-a desclestat mana de pe geanta :)


later edit: despre un “Benone” mai putin vesel si o intamplare putin spus nefericita scrie Andreea