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moonlight breakfast

condusul nu-i o joaca

Contributia mea la proiectul  “Dori Slosberg Foundation”:

siameze de primavara

red tulip



Bufnita festiva

bokeh bufnita



Protest pasnic

Piata Revolutiei - 15 ianuarie 2012



Sparta in masina

Otopeni Air Show 2011


The fermenting crowd was making it difficult to focus on just one individual, colours of all sizes merging into one compact hoard. In all that rainbow mush, a white ball of fluffy-dog-madness caught my eye, but my attention soon switched to the little girl standing numbly next to it.

I rushed to the viewfinder to take one shot before the door hid her away completely. Quickly zoomed in and framed the photo,  just as her brother was turning away, his t-shirt granting me the dusty background to match her pixie eyes and  cover the souvenir clutter. The light was perfect and her colours were magic. I usually take a few extra shots because I feel I could do it differently; this time, one was all I needed, anything extra would have lessened its relevance. It all happened so fast it overwhelmed me.  I immediately left the scene, with an almost guilty feeling of having stolen something.

This here is the reason I take photos, that  moment in which the Photography Gods put everything in order to create one  frame for you to find. And the best part is chasing that fleeting frame.

all made of air

fa-ma sa rad

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cartile mele danseaza

GOmentorship – Luna femeilor exceptionale

Prima intalnire  GOmentorship pe 2011, cu Ada Roseti, Melania Medeleanu, Anca Buliman si Andreea Paul (Vass). Mai multe imagini AICI. Impresii aici.

Melania Medeleanu @ GOmentorship

Ada Roseti @ GO mentorship

GOmentorship public

ShortsUP in the lab


color substance party @ shortsup

spectatori shortsup

Mai vechi: ShortsUp – Pacate Capitale

ShortsUp – 114 Ioana Flora la ShortsUP 114

Legat cu ata

as seen from Kubis on a foggy day


Libertatea ta se incheie unde incepe libertatea celuilalt.

Si e ok. Fara limita asta nici tu nu ai fi liber.

(lens)baby 2011

E perioada aia a anului cand se naste un nou folder de poze, viitor gigant, in (D:).

Se va chema “2011″.  Been there, done that cu 2005, 2006, 20…

Va fi ordonat si prietenos o vreme, fiecare subfolder la locul lui, cu un nume si tematica bine definite.  La inceput imi va fi drag sa descarc lucruri el, motiv pentru care, treptat, se va aglomera, blura, haotiza.  It’s the circle of life.

La anu’ si la multi ani!

meet Anca

Anca e campion la tir cu arcul, joaca la Bulandra alaturi de Oedip, face costume de scena pentru ursuletii Ilincai  si, cand are timp, vine la mine sa o invat engleza.

Si e clasa a III-a.

young hearts spark fire

fundal sonor: Japandroids – Young Hearts Spark Fire