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muzeul cfr

tren, regal, cfr, bucuresti, gara de nord
Trenul Regal la Gara de Nord

mars de protest “salvati rosia montana”

Mars de protest fata de legea care autorizeaza exploatarea de la Rosia Montana

parcarea ciclop – cuzina

Imi place ce se intampla in parcarea Ciclop zilele astea.

noaptea muzeelor 2013

fantana din sibiu

street delivery #7

Fetita care-si astepta parintii

next morning in the parking lot

secret chair meeting

ultimii stropi de zapada



matinale, eu si portocalele

Protest pasnic

Piata Revolutiei - 15 ianuarie 2012

protest 14 ianuarie




The fermenting crowd was making it difficult to focus on just one individual, colours of all sizes merging into one compact hoard. In all that rainbow mush, a white ball of fluffy-dog-madness caught my eye, but my attention soon switched to the little girl standing numbly next to it.

I rushed to the viewfinder to take one shot before the door hid her away completely. Quickly zoomed in and framed the photo,  just as her brother was turning away, his t-shirt granting me the dusty background to match her pixie eyes and  cover the souvenir clutter. The light was perfect and her colours were magic. I usually take a few extra shots because I feel I could do it differently; this time, one was all I needed, anything extra would have lessened its relevance. It all happened so fast it overwhelmed me.  I immediately left the scene, with an almost guilty feeling of having stolen something.

This here is the reason I take photos, that  moment in which the Photography Gods put everything in order to create one  frame for you to find. And the best part is chasing that fleeting frame.

Legat cu ata

as seen from Kubis on a foggy day

Andreaua – ex-Lipscani

Gabroveni, colt cu Şelari

This is where my sister and I used to get our glass beads and other crafts materials.

It now “exists” in the form of a fast-food place.

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